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1. Selection of real estate in Bulgaria?

With each passing year the number of foreigners who bought property in Bulgaria is increasing. If you decide to buy property in Bulgaria and do not know whether they will make the right choice you need to answer a few important questions. This will allow you to find out what property would be most appropriate.

A) For what purpose you want to buy property in Bulgaria?

    for permanent residence;
holiday home;
investment purposes;

B) Budget - how much you set for this purchase?

    almost every buyer may designate up funds that can invest in property

B) Type of property that you think will be right for you?

apartment with a separate bedroom;
apartment with two bedrooms;
apartment with three or more bedrooms;
house with land, garage, pool and more. infrastructure
Retail, office
Building land

D) Where would you like to buy a property?

    in a big city;
at the village
on the beach,
on a mountain

After answering these questions, our consultants can offer items according to your requirements.

    What documents are required to visit the country?

For citizens of countries which are not members of the European Union visa is required.

The visa is valid 30 days from the time of receipt, and allows for a single stay - 10-14 days. Deadline for visa 5 days. Interview is not required.

Necessary documents

    Valid passport 6 months after obtaining a visa
A copy of the page of the passport with personal details and a photograph
Photos 3x4 cm (1pc.)
Medical insurance
Booking plane, train, bus
Booking hotel
Anketa- request

Attention! A full list of required documents can be received only in the consular section at the Bulgarian embassy, ​​since the conditions for obtaining a visa can be changed over time.

http://www.bulgariavac.ru/     ">Site of the visa center at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Russia:

    Climate in Bulgaria?

- Moderately continental and Mediterranean in the south.

Bulgaria is located in South-eastern Europe, a territory of 110,993 square kilometers. Borders with Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. East its natural border is the Black Sea. Temperatures in coastal resorts during the summer are from 23C to 33C.

    Finalizing the deal

See section: buying property in Bulgaria.

      How do you check a property of a secondary market for weights?

Prior to offer property buyers our consultants conduct a full inquiry about the property. The seller provides a complete package of documents proving his ownership. Reference is also checking into the property register in order to receive complete and updated information about the history of this property.

    Can you buy a property on deferred payment?

This option is available when purchasing a new property from construction companies. MTT Sveti Vlas will help in negotiating and drawing up a schedule of contributions.

     Is it possible to buy a property remotely?

It is possible to!

The information we provide to clients is complete and accurate. All possible materials that give an idea about the property: pictures, video, description, etc. Nevertheless, our advice is to see the site live and then to make purchase decisions.

    How to pay for real estate?

Payment is made by bank transfer.

Depending on the wishes of the Purchaser there are 2 ways:

1) The buyer opens an account in Euro in Bulgarian bank. A few days before signing the deal translates required amount on it, and on the day of the transaction makes the translation of the Seller.

2) After checking all documents, the amount of the preliminary contract shall be paid directly to the account of the seller.

9.Kakav property can be bought up to 30,000 euros?

    However, prices in Bulgaria are considerably lower than the European market, this amount can be purchased studio, small apartment, house or small plot in the countryside.

10.Kakvi taxes to pay for a property in Bulgaria?

Each property owner is obliged to pay annual municipal property tax and tax on waste disposal. These two taxes are merged into one. Taxes paid by 31 December of the current year. The amount can be divided into separate installments. This tax is 0.15- 0.4% depending on the municipality where the property is located.

11. How do VNZH is obtained and PMZH in Bulgaria?

If you own a property in Bulgaria that does not mean that you can reside in Bulgaria. Property owner can receive multiple 3-year visa and reside in the country not more than 180 days a year.

12.Moga I get Bulgarian citizenship?

This is a fairly complicated procedure and unfortunately owning a property in Bulgaria is not sufficient grounds for obtaining citizenship. For more information, you should seek the Law on foreign citizens in Bulgaria.

13. What additional services do you provide?

furnishing and equipping of property
construction works
organization and help to obtain a mortgage loan
accounting services
registration of a legal entity
transfer to Bulgaria
tourist services


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